Looking for an approved and engaging on-line learning curriculum for your student/s in health education and environmental connections? Eco-Earth Enrichment has your solution.

Eco-Earth Enrichment uses anatomy, physiology, and games for children to understand their physical relationship to that of the earth. Using the nutritional values of fruit and vegetables, through the rainbow colors, children will learn to select on their own what is healthy for them and knowledge on how to build a healthy lifestyle. Each class closes with mental imagery, a visualization that will help enhance the day’s lesson as well as relax and bring in positive emotions, while lowering blood pressure.

The S.H.A.R.E. Program, for grade school and middle/high school, will be offered soon through the accredited E-Learning platform:   

iQity e- Learning Platform- http://www.iq-ity.com/ 
Contact iQity or Lisa Linn for more details.

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Currently EEE is running a pilot through IQITY with The S.H.A.R.E. Program through the S.P. Boys and Girls Club for grades 3-12th. 


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History of company:

Eco-Earth Enrichment began its roots in Central America during the early nineties. Children with little education and money spent most of their time eating junk food and watching television at the local market. These children then began informal workshops with Eco-Earth Enrichment's founder, Lisa Linn. They were taught the importance of eating the local fruit and vegetables as well as how their body is similar to that of the earth. They were also taught the importance of exercise and keeping their mind and body fit. The children were more than excited about this knowledge that was brought to them.

Next was bringing these informal yet fun workshops into South America. Here Lisa worked with the local and more educated children. Again the program was a success in engaging the children’s amazement of how their body works with the environment and the simple techniques of how to take care of it. After returning to the United States, Lisa began to see the epidemic that was about to hit home with children’s disengagement of themselves and the earth. It was then Lisa realized this growing concern needed to be addressed within the community. Eco-Earth Enrichment’s The S.H.A.R.E. Program is now being offered to all students through a virtual curriculum. 

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