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To Whom It May Concern:


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Lisa Linn for several years.  She has developed and presented a nutrition and health program to my 4th grade classes over the last three years.  Her wealth of information is astounding, and she has a sharp ability to maintain the interest of the children.  Lisa is adept at speaking to a group, presenting her program in a sequential and understandable format that allows the students to learn and interact at the same time.  She integrates various activities including games into her program to meet the needs of all students. 


In addition, Lisa has continued to improve her program over the years I have worked with her.  She continually updates her material to include essential California Standards and the ever-changing health and wellness guidelines. 


As a teacher for over 10 years I am always impressed to meet someone like Ms. Linn who is able to take her passion, turn it into an interesting and educational program, and teach the material herself in an engaging and effective manner.  Any school or organization would be lucky to have her.






Jenifer Marvin

4th grade teacher

Westlake Elementary School 

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“The S.H.A.R.E. Program is an interesting, interactive, and engaging curriculum. It meets the needs of many different learning styles and uses integrative and other brain compatible teaching strategies.I highly recommend it!” 

Mariaemma Willis, M.S., co-Director, LearningSuccess(tm) Institute Specialist for School & Life Success best selling published author, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style and Midlife Crisis Begins in Kindergarten

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